Webcam Lessons and Video Exchanges

I'm going to assume that if you're here, you're already convinced of the value of webcam lessons, so I won't bore you with how fun or how green they are. Because you already know that, right? But I do have a few things to say about webcam lessons.

I firmly believe that a live webcam is a viable alternative to traditional lessons. Our technology -- both hardware and software -- is constantly improving, and is more accessible than ever before. A successful student is one who is motivated to learn, works well independently, can follow directions, is willing to experiment, can duplicate the lesson successfully at home and prepares assignments with care and diligence, or who has a parent who fills most of these roles during home practice. Because "live" has practical limitations, a webcam student must be more observant, dedicated and motivated than a traditional student because there is no "hands on" time during the lesson.

Suzuki and Webcams

I have found through several years of trial and error that Suzuki and webcams do not work well together when small children are involved. The critical importance of parent involvement in Suzuki learning cannot be overstated, and when it is missing or not fully engaged, lessons no longer have the Suzuki purpose, which is to create beautiful hearts. In order to do that, I absolutely must have the trust, support and active participation of the parents. Somehow, the webcam ends up creating an environment where the teacher isn't really "real" to the parents (even if she's met them live and in person!), and lessons and practicing end up becoming something similar to a computer game. And so after much reflection, I have concluded that Suzuki pre-twinklers and beginners should be prepared to do traditional hands-on lessons. Webcam remains an option for Suzuki students studying past Book 2 who are transferring from another studio. If you have your heart set on Suzuki lessons and cannot come to my home, I'll be happy to refer you to an SAA-registered teacher in your local area.

Webcam Lessons for Elementary, Middle and High School Students

Webcam lessons are offered to public and private schools, home schools and home school associations as a courtesy. The school must set up an institutional account and provide a purchase order number for billing, if required by the school district. Electronic payments are appreciated wherever possible.

Lessons will originate at the school, and be conducted in accordance with the school district's internet usage policies, as well as my studio policy on web security.

I also offer Video Exchange (VE) lessons. Students submit one or two eight-minute videos each week. I reply to each video with comments, suggestions and new assignments.

Video Exchange is an excellent alternative for students whose schedules do not permit being "scheduled" into a time slot. It's a great way to stay focused on a specific assignment, technique, piece or process. You control the entire process, from the schedule to the content to the frequency of feedback.

All new students must hold their lesson slot with a deposit.