Supplies: What You'll Need and Where To Order From

Beginner Supplies:

    Smallish stickers: for marking the violin and bow

    Pencil with a pocket clip

    Repertoire book: Suzuki Violin School Vol. 1 (revised) and CD, or Suzuki Viola School, Vol. 1 and CD (CDs should be by Preucil); OR Essential Elements 2000, Book 1 for violin (or viola).

    Three-ring notebook to hold all lesson materials and notes.

Transfer Student Supply List: for students who have previously studied with another private teacher, or who are in their second year of orchestra at school.

    3-ring notebook to hold all lesson materials and notes

    Current Suzuki repertoire book and listening CD, or EE2000 rep book

    Scale and/or etude books, as assigned

Necessary items for practicing and maintenance:

    Good rosin

    Tuning fork or metronome with a built-in tuning tone (A=440)

    Soft cloth for cleaning the instrument after practice

    Pencils with erasers

    Music stand

    Extra strings (in case one breaks)

Suppliers of these (and many other) fine musical things:

Shar Products Company –

Young Musicians Inc. --

Johnson String Instrument –

Rental Instruments

For Des Moines area local rentals, please go to Becker's --

Potter's Violins –

KC Strings –

Johnson String Instrument –